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Please note: If you are searching for an accredited health coach certification programthere currently are no national or standard accreditation standards.  However, there is a coalition working on this very topic.  For now on an international level, The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the most recognized organization and represents many coaching fields.  

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Why Health Coach Certifications?

“Health Coach Certifications” is committed to providing you with authoritative knowledge on what it takes to become a Health Coach Professional, where you can obtain training, and what accreditation standards are developing as this relatively new career field takes shapes.  Here you’ll also find information on potential salaries, employers and job descriptions to find out if this career is right for you.

With recent and significant emphasis on preventive health care, there is a rapidly increasing demand for Health and Wellness Coaching Professionals.  This is an exciting new career trend as people strive for healthier lives.

As this profession grows, you’ll need one concise and up-to-date resource to guide you through potential policy changes including an up and coming “National Board” certification, as well as health insurance coverage.

Our goals:

  • To give you wide-ranging program information on health coach certifications
  • To provide helpful career information
  • To update you on potential policy changes as they occur

We are your one-stop source for everything you need to know to become a Health Coach Professional.  Check in regularly for blog updates and new information being continually added.

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Limited Time Opportunity

Hi Health Coaches and Prospective Health Coaches,

This post will be available from about now until the end of October, and then it is disappearing forever!!!  This is a limited time opportunity for a training that can help you add immense revenue to your current business, or allow you to leave your current job and start something amazing that is completely YOURS.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about a training program that is transforming lives. Is this an exaggeration?  See for yourself. Here is a case study from Maggie, a former Medic and PA (physician’s assistant) who was working 10-hour work days and after this training, moved to 4-hour work WEEKS.  Listen to her very own words in this VIDEO.

I’m Bridgett the Admin. You may have seen my name in emails if you’re a subscriber to Health Coach Certifications.  I’m a health coach, but I also took this amazing training almost one year ago.  My monthly revenues are 13k, and I work about 3-5 hours a week.  This is a whole new approach to business.  Very little upstart, no brick and mortar small business commitments and overheads.  And best of all, you can choose to focus on an area you already have expertise or interest in.

Are you a nutritionist? Focus on supplements. Are you into essential oils? There’s a market for that too!  Are you into exercise and fitness?  Lots of opportunities there!

Again, this post will disappear by the end of October.  What are you waiting for??  Check out this opportunity now. You have NOTHING to lose by checking it out, and EVERYTHING to gain!!

In good health,

Bridgett the Admin

If you’ve seen the first videos above, here is the second one in a four-part series before the doors to this training close in the 3rd week of October!!

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The #1 Way to Add Revenue as a Health Coach

The BEST way to add revenue to your coaching business is to change your mindset and STOP trading your time for money.

In the traditional set-up of coaching, you are paid either an hourly wage per session, or a salary from a company.  Or perhaps you have added a program to your coaching business, where a person buys a Coaching Package for a fee. This is likely still time for money.

In the traditional model, you accept a fee from a client in exchange for your time and attention.

While this is a fantastic and personalized approach to coaching, you should also begin to seriously consider adding a new level of income through what is often called, ‘passive’ revenue.

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you have a traditional coaching philosophy, format or structure that you are familiar with.  You simply take these ideas and make them into a written, audio or video format.  This is now available for sale 24 hours a day.

When clients purchase this package you now offer, you are receiving income even though you are not working one on one with this client.  JigSawBox is a program designed to help you do just that!!

Let me explain the benefits!

1) You can now reach more clients because you are not limited to help a certain number of clients based on a work week.

2) You can now begin thinking outside of the traditional 40 hours + workweek, so you are now leveraging your time.

3)  This helps prevent your own burnout and exhaustion while still running a thriving business, serving many more people.

4) JigSawBox was designed especially for COACHES and makes it super easy to set up.

What I love about JigSawBox is that is takes the technical guesswork OUT of the equation.  Simple to follow directions help you to get it up and running (depending on the amount of effort you put in initially) within a matter of DAYS or WEEKS.

You can even choose if you want it to be completely automated (you have no contact with client), partially automated (you can communicate with clients through questionnaires you create or email check-ins). You can even add it to your current one on one coaching work with clients to enhance their experience.

Check it out today and see why adding an online program to create passive income is the #1 Way to Add Revenue as a Health Coach!  Stop the burnout – work smarter, not harder!

You can even get a FREE 30-Day Trial!!


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Spotlight on a Health Coach: Marie Ligorria


IIN graduateSpotlight on a Health Coach is a new feature on Health Coach Certifications.  Look for new interviews about once a month.  Submit your request to be interviewed via the contact form on this website here.  Thanks!

This month, we are honored to have Marie Ligorria as our Featured Health Coach. Here’s what she had to say about her health coaching school experience and what her experiences have been with getting started in this profession.

How did you first get interested in the idea of health coaching? To be completely honest once God healed me of my sickness over 4 years ago I wanted to share all He had done and taught me to get well using real whole foods, natural supplements, and essential oils. I was led to so much powerful information and I wanted to share it right away. I had already started doing this act of coaching without ever considering getting paid.

Did you leave a profession behind to pursue health coaching?

I did not leave another profession to health coach. One important reason I chose health coaching was for flexibility. At the time, I was a recent single homeschooling mother. I continue to homeschool my children.

Which school did you attend, and why did you select that program?

One day a close girlfriend shared The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) with me. She said that a friend of her’s had graduated, was sharing her passion of health and wellness, and that I should consider it. I put it off and made excuses out of fear for a long time.

What is your opinion of the quality of the program, length of study, etc.?

The quality of the program is top notch. I’m very proud to have attended and to be a part of IIN. I believe it is very well done through the 6 month health and nutritional training along with the additional 6 months of business training.

Do you have other thoughts about the school you chose that you’d like to share?

One of my favorite parts of IIN is that the school is anti-dogmatic with dietary theories. The program stressed the individuality within people.

Have you chosen a target market?  If not, what are you leaning towards?

My target market is mostly women with gut health issues in addition to over all health and nutrition.

Is health coaching all that you thought it could be? Why or why not?

Truthfully, it is amazing. The ability to be able to be used and touch somebody’s life this intimately is incredible, such a gift! I’ve gotten very close to my clients in a professional fashion, nonetheless they really place their trust in me. I take it upon myself as a huge responsibility.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share about choosing this career path?

This career path is extremely rewarding, time consuming, and causes you to really reflect on your practices. It forces me to be accountable and trustworthy when it comes to caring for myself. Often times we put our health on the back burner, but coaching forces me to practice what I preach, it’s great!

Marie A. Ligorria

Kingdom Health, LLC

Website: www.kingdom-health.com

Blog: www.kingdomhealth.blogspot.com

Facebook: facebook.com/KingdomHealth

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Health coaching for weight loss

Attaining Weight Loss through Health Coaching

People put a premium on good health and wellness nowadays and are always on the lookout for better and more effective ways to keep slim and healthy. With the rate at which life moves and the number of fast food or high calorie eateries around, keeping the pounds down seems to be a challenge for a number of people. In response to this, more and more people are trying out various weight loss and health care methods. Some people find their own niches such as cycling or running, or dieting while others seek the expertise of a health coach to guide them down the right paths.

First off, what is a health coach? They are professionals who work closely with individuals in order to help them achieve their goals of an overall healthier lifestyle and better quality of life.

The first step is establishing a relationship with the client. Once that has been done, they can begin a series of interviews wherein the client is asked about his or her health goals, concerns, and expectations. This is a crucial step as it sets the pace for the rest of the journey.

Equally important is that expectations are leveled and clients are not misled or made to believe that they can achieve more than they really can. Having a coach who understands his clients well and is honest with them and their goal setting allows for more trust between the two parties. A coach’s accountability greatly affects the mindset of the client and in the health care industry, as with most others, trust could make or break the success of the service.

Having a health coach partner with them for guidance means they would be granted a well-rounded and holistic weight loss plan they themselves want to achieve, directed not only to keeping fit physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This entails a proper nutritional diet based on the individual’s required intake and restrictions, appropriate cardiovascular and strengthening exercises, as well as relaxation and stress reduction practices. Health coaches can provide the support, guidance and accountability that many people need when seeking to achieve a healthy weight.

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What is the difference between a health coach and a life coach?

A Life Coach And A Health Coach: Which Is Which?


There is that one moment in a person’s life when he comes to a turn and thinks to himself, “I want change”; be it about money, relationship, or personal matters, everyone can commit to change. The good thing is that no one needs to go through the process alone, hence the existence of coaches. They do not only live to help one attain his goals, but also to accompany the person until the fulfillment his goals.

There are a lot of concerns and factors in an individual’s life.  With the help of a health coach, a person can get and stay fit in no time.

There are things to consider upon hiring a health coach though. The objectives of the person must be in line or parallel to the work of a health coach. Some might confuse a health coach for a life coach, but there is a distinct difference.

A health coach is someone who guides a person with regard to a balanced and proper diet and exercise. Although exemption from various diseases is something that cannot be assured by a health coach, they are also expected to give seminars and information about health and diseases. They also advice the person of what to avoid and to remember regarding things that may put one’s health at risk (i.e. foods that will/may invoke hyper tension, high blood sugar, and more).

Although a health coach may also cater to more than a single person, he must know the lifestyle and habits of the person involved in the program, in order to know what strategies and considerations will most likely work. In order to establish and maintain this level of relationship, a constant and open communication is expected between the person/s and the health coach. Also, this is to monitor progress.

A health coach may work as a personal trainer or a coach for a whole family or a group. He also coordinates with the individual or group regarding their medications and medical appointments/check-ups, to remind and ensure their appearance during such dates.

The main concerns of a health coach are the individual’s or group’s health-related objectives and functionality in daily life. Although they lead people to maximize their potential by helping them have the strength and health to battle day to day agenda, their main responsibility is health. This excludes matters of career, money, spirituality, and more.

These are the areas where a life coach can work his magic. They help a person manage his life, first by helping the person realize, decide, and determine life objectives. A life coach also guides a person, through a program, to reach these goals. Through activities and advice, a life coach aims to motivate and challenge the individual. Through this journey with the coach, some disciplines and values are also instilled within the person. Basically, they bring about change to a person’s thinking and habits.

Deciding between getting a life or a health coach may be determined by a person’s main interest. If an individual’s main concern is to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle, the latter kind of coaching would be the best choice. However, given that a person aims for success, in terms of work, family, and personal matters, a life coach would be a more suitable choice.

Whether a person chooses to have a life coach or a health coach, one must remember that his wellness and happiness must always be of consideration. It should not only revolve by the things that matter now, but also of what a person wants to achieve in the future.

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Spotlight on a Health Coach! Stacey Frattinger

magnifying glass 2

Spotlight on a Health Coach is a new feature on Health Coach Certifications.  Look for new interviews about once a month.  Submit your request to be interviewed via the contact form on this website here.  Thanks!

This month, we are honored to have Stacey Frattinger as our Featured Health Coach. Here’s what she had to say about her health coaching school experience and what her experiences have been with getting started in this profession.

How did you first get interested in the idea of health coaching?

I first became interested in Health Coaching about 4 years ago, back in 2009.  Working at that time within a wellness and weight management clinic, I realized my skills as a Registered Dietitian needed to be improved upon in terms of my ability to effectively counsel and help others when motivation was fading or a patient was feeling stuck.  Given that I have a degree in Psychology as well as nutrition, I’ve always been interested in behavior change and self-actualization.

Did you leave a profession behind to pursue health coaching?

No, I still work part-time as a Registered Dietitian; however, I am extremely passionate about the field of health coaching and I have developed a true passion for spreading the word about the benefits of integrative health coaching.

Which school did you attend, and why did you select that program?

I went through Duke’s Integrative Health Coaching program.  After enrolling in 2 different programs and being left extremely disappointed by the course work and class format, I decided to take a chance and apply for Duke’s program.  I found Duke’s “in house” approach to be unique, and being a firm believer in the idea that individuals are multi-faceted, the curriculum matched my belief that behavior change is complex and influenced by so many dimensions of one’s personality.

What is your opinion of the quality of the program, length of study, etc.?

I found the length of the course work to be perfect.  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the program and the instructors were outstanding – truly caring and organic individuals who no doubt have a passion for their work.

Do you have other thoughts about the school you chose that you’d like to share?

I would highly encourage anyone interested in hiring a health coach to do their research and look through Duke’s website to see just how different their approach is compared to other coaching programs out there.

Have you chosen a target market?  If not, what are you leaning towards?

No, I haven’t chosen a target market at this point, but I seem to attract individuals interested in weight loss, disordered eating, physical fitness, stress management, and hormonal management (i.e. PCOS and menopause).  I believe I attract this population because of my own journey with health and wellness and my current passion for self-care through proper nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.  I believe in time I will find my niche, but for now, I’m enjoying the opportunity to coach anyone who is open and interested in the process.

Is health coaching all that you thought it could be? Why or why not?

It is more than I thought I could be quite honestly.  Because of my exposure to two other coaching schools prior to my enrollment at Duke, I thought coaching was about providing “expert” information and educating others on how to make change.  Now I know that coaching, at least integrative health coaching, is meant to tap into the knowledge an individual already has, but he or she isn’t sure how to access and utilize this knowledge to produce a desired change.

For some, they can’t even grasp the concept of a health and wellness vision because they believe that they have failed at behavior changes one too many times and achievement of a health-related goal isn’t possible.  However, anything is possible when you have the right support, accountability, and drive to achieve things that you never imagined were even possible.

 Any final thoughts you’d like to share about choosing this career path?

I couldn’t be happier to be working as a health coach now.  It is amazing to watch others grow and change, and I’m so appreciative of the learning that I’m able to take part in as I share in the lives and thoughts of others.

StaceyStacey Frattinger

Whispers for Wellness



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Seeking a health coaching job opportunity?

A new up and coming company, “Inspired Coaching Solutions” is now seeking interested job seekers.  

Wouldn’t you love to get paid to coach, without having to do the all of the marketing?  What about adding on some additional clients to your current practice with no referral-seeking, no follow-up phone calls, no hassle?  You can get paid to just coach!! Exactly what you wanted to do!

The details:

  • This is an international company matching coaches and clients all over the world
  • Health Coaches work as contractors and receive a percentage-based or flat-fee for coaching sessions
  • You, as a health coach, will have to do zero leg work to find new clients. The company is responsible for all marketing and client-seeking
  • Your clients are flexible on session times, and coaching will be conducted via phone or  Skype
  • General pay rates will be in the range of $30 – $60 per hour
  • This is a consultant/contractor-based employment only (Meaning, you may receive 1 client or 10 depending on the growth projection of the company and the demand for your niche and expertise)
  • There are no disadvantages or risk to you to become a part of this team. There are no fees involved.  This is a job for hire.
  • Currently, Inspired Coaching Solutions is creating a database of interested health coaches who will later be contacted to discuss employment opportunities

This company is set to explode, with the current health coaching trend, which means more clients for you!  In addition, as health coaching certifications begin to receive licensure standards, there will be more pressure on health insurance companies to cover health coaching services, similar to that of a doctor, therapist or chiropractor.  This health insurance coverage is a reality only a few years out, as highly reputable universities are currently conducting research showing the tremendous health benefits of coaching, and have formed a coalition that reaches government level.

By sending your intent of interest now, you are, however, in no way entering into a commitment.   Your name will be added to our growing database, and you will be contacted at a later date to discuss your qualifications, your target market, your particular skill set and experiences.

Send your information via the contact form here.

Alternatively, you may email your interest to info@healthcoachcertifications.com.

Good luck in being selected!

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Intrinsic Coaching Certification

Intrinsic Coaching Certification Explained

Intrinsic Coaching Certification is a health coaching certificate given to students who successfully finish the Intrinsic Coaching Program. Intrinsic coaching focuses on the assets or strengths of a person, rather than dwelling and trying to correct his mistakes and weaknesses. Studies show that an approach that focuses on teaching and building strengths provides a better result compared to an approach that focuses on correcting the person’s mistakes.

There are two main levels in this Intrinsic Coaching Certification: Certified Intrinsic Coach (CIC) and Certified Valuation Specialist (CVS).

  • Certified Intrinsic Coach – This is achieved through progressive and sequential training events. This certification provides professional results and personal benefits to participants by going through the process of certification. This training costs $1,260 with payment plan choices of 3 months and 5. Through this certification, you will learn to think intentionally and be more aware of yourself, and help develop people better.
  • Certified Valuations Specialist – This certification is comprised of 100 hours of training and offers dual certification (CIC and CVS). This certification will allow you to make use of the Intrinsic Methodology outside of training and work with people’s varying patterns of thinking. You will learn the 28 measurements which highlight the reasoning behind the thinking at any given time- under stress, at rest or during problem solving.

By understanding how you arrive at something that makes sense to you using your own measurements, you will be able to help other people find out their own thinking pattern. By integrating the Intrinsic Methodology, you will be able to discuss their results and help them understand their thinking pattern.

This certification costs around $2,977 with available payment plans of 3, 6 and 9 months. Both training programs are done through teleconference and interactive webinar.

Getting these certifications is very convenient as they allow you the flexibility to take them via teleconference and interactive webinar. Furthermore, the costs are provided online and payment plans of 3, 5, 6 and 9 months are offered so it is not too heavy on your budget. You are also given options on how and when you would like to take your sessions. You also have the option to view the video of a session in case you missed a live one. The number of participants in each session is also limited to ensure proper transfer of knowledge and easier tracking.

Intrinsic Coaching Methodology is based on the I>E>S> hierarchy. I for Intrinsic (realm of people’s variability and uniqueness, E for Extrinsic (realm of practicalities, social and material world) and S for Systematic (realm of rules, ought to be and ideas). Understanding this hierarchy will result to better thinking by setting your priorities straight. This means maximizing your available resources and increasing your strategies for you to achieve a desirable result.

A lot of people have already benefited from Intrinsic Coaching. By helping people think properly, their personal lives, business relations and even how they perceive other people have totally changed. Understanding others in a way most people don’t results to a healthier and more effective communication.




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Spotlight on a Health Coach! Lisa Gold

magnifying glass 2Spotlight on a Health Coach is a new feature on Health Coach Certifications.  Look for new interviews about once a month.  Submit your request to be interviewed via the contact form on this website here.  Thanks!

This month, we are honored to have Lisa Gold as our Featured Health Coach. Here’s what she had to say about her health coaching school experience and what her experiences have been with getting started in this profession.

1) How did you first get interested in the idea of health coaching?

As a Nurse Practitioner in primary care,  I found it frustrating that I had great advice to give patients who needed help, but only a small percentage of them could stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.  I knew my advice was not enough.  I also felt sad that I had to prescribe more and more medicines for conditions that could be greatly improved with changes in health behaviors.

2) Did you leave a profession behind to pursue health coaching?

Rather than leaving my profession behind, I use some coaching techniques in assisting my patients, and I am also developing a private coaching practice.

 3)  Which school did you attend, and why did you select that program?

I attended Duke Integrative Medicine’s professional integrative health coach program.  I chose it for 2 reasons: it is geared toward people who are in the health care field, a natural fit; AND it focuses on integrative health, the idea that the wellness encompasses many aspects of a whole person.

I love the model that Duke has designed, “The Wheel of Health”.  It recognizes mindful awareness as a foundation for self care.  Mindfulness can be a powerful tool in stress reduction, freeing one’s energy to create lasting changes.  Mindful awareness impacts all aspects of our health and life.

4) What is your opinion of the quality of the program, length of study, etc.?

I believe the four-month Foundation program is a wonderful introduction and provides excellent coaching skills and practice.  I liked that the program was not just lectures and studying about coaching. They get you actively coaching right away.  The instructors did an excellent job of providing an adult learning environment and were terrific coach role models.

5) Do you have other thoughts about the school you chose that you’d like to share?

I would encourage Foundation graduates to complete the Certification program with Duke.  This level is very helpful for enhancing skills, and for continuing personal development as  a coach.  Training at this level helps coaches discipline themselves to build an active practice.

6)  Have you chosen a target market?  If not, what are you leaning towards?

I have had many different thoughts about target markets, but more and more I am trying to listen to what the majority of my clients seem to be asking for.  So far, I believe that resilience to stress is one of the issues that crosses all genders and age groups.  I will likely be focusing in this area more and more.

7)  Is health coaching all that you thought it could be? Why or why not?

Health coaching is a great fit for me, because I must come to it with my whole heart and mind to be effective.  Coaching challenges me personally to live with intention and focus so that I can better help others.  Again and again I see people just blossom and discover new ways to enhance their level of wellness, through the coaching process.

8)  Any final thoughts you’d like to share about choosing this career path?

1 – Consider seeking a coach so that you can experience the process before embarking on the educational journey.  You will approach your learning experience with a deeper understanding of what you will be building for your future clients.

2 – Do your homework:  determine if coaching will meet your financial needs; annual earnings vary  depending upon whether you function as an employee or become a private business owner.  Health coaching is still a new field; there are no national standards for certification.  Be prepared to be an advocate for the field as well as a practitioner.
Spotlight Lisa GoldIntegrative Health Coach:  Lisa Gold

Website: www.eciwellness.com

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