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Are you a health coach in search of a job?  There is an amazing organization starting up that is looking for health coaches in a wide variety of subject areas.  Visit here for more information.

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Please note: If you are searching for an accredited health coach certification program, there currently are no national or standard accreditation standards.  However, there is a coalition working on this very topic.  For now on an international level, The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the most recognized organization and represents many coaching fields.  

Are you wondering, “How do I become a Health Coach?”

Here you’ll find everything you need to get started towards a career in Health and Wellness Coaching.  

  • Training programs
  • Certifications and standards
  • Online or in-person classes and schools
  • Career paths
  • How to start your own health coaching business
  • Job descriptions
  • Salary ranges
  • Health coaches toolbox
  • Organizations
  • Find a health coach
  • Blog articles

This site is being continually updated.

Why Health Coach Certifications?

“Health Coach Certifications” is committed to providing you with authoritative knowledge on what it takes to become a Health Coach Professional, where you can obtain training, and what accreditation standards are developing as this relatively new career field takes shapes.  Here you’ll also find information on potential salaries, employers and job descriptions to find out if this career is right for you.

With recent and significant emphasis on preventive health care, there is a rapidly increasing demand for Health and Wellness Coaching Professionals.  This is an exciting new career trend as people strive for healthier lives.

As this profession grows, you’ll need one concise and up-to-date resource to guide you through potential policy changes including an up and coming “National Board” certification, as well as health insurance coverage.

Our goals:

  • To give you wide-ranging program information on health coach certifications
  • To provide helpful career information
  • To update you on potential policy changes as they occur

We are your one-stop source for everything you need to know to become a Health Coach Professional.  Check in regularly for blog updates and new information being continually added.


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    Very interested in researching what is out there in certifications for Health and Wellness professional coaching.

  2. a

    Thanks for checking out the website Audrey. I’m updating the site continuously with new training information for certifications. There are a lot of programs out there. Hope you check back!

  3. N

    I am very interested in you wellness and health coaching program on-line if possible and I am a strength training coach and peewee football coach ages 11-12yrsold

  4. a

    Hi Nico, I hope you are finding useful information on the website. I don’t offer a training course myself, but rather I’m here to give relevant information about different training programs. It is a great field to enter into right now!

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