Beginner Resources

Are you struggling to determine if health coaching is the right career move for you? “What is health coaching anyway?” you may be saying.  Are you having trouble finding information on health coaching jobs and job descriptions, salaries and more?  Wondering if a health and wellness degree is required? Then, […] Read more

How to be a Health Coach

This website is dedicated to helping you determine answers to that very question, “How to be a Health Coach.”  And truthfully, there are quite a few different answers to that.  Additionally, this article will pose some key questions you should ask yourself when choosing a schooling path for becoming a […] Read more

Active Listening: An Important Health Coaching Skill

One of the key ingredients to successful health coaching of a client is to fully engage in active listening.  The entire focus should naturally be on the client (or patient) throughout the session. What is active listening? Active listening is focused listening and attention.  It is being present and fully […] Read more

Real Balance

This health coach certification program offers the following levels: Health and Wellness Coach Certification, their core 32-hour program Professional Health and Wellness Coach Certification, which is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved process The credentialing levels move from the ‘practiced coach’ to the ‘proven coach’ to the ‘master coach’ and […] Read more

Coaching Organizations

Here you’ll find detailed information about Health Coaching organizations around the world. Some of the organizations (such as IFC, the International Coach Federation) are aimed at credentialing standards, while others are more member-based towards a specific area of health (such as with sports medicine, for example). ———————————————————————————————————- International Coaching Federation […] Read more

Wellcoaches Certifications

This health and wellness coaching certification program involves two levels of training and is accessed both online and via phone.  There are core and professional levels of training. The “Core Health Coach Training Program for Heath and Wellness Coaches” is an 18 week-long enrollment.  Each class is 90 minute and […] Read more