Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is an online program offering a one year course to become a health counselor.  At times, they use the term ‘health counselor’ and other times you will see ‘health coach’. Their health coach training program began in 1992 and is focused on holistic nutrition.  The […] Read more

Quick Directory

This is a quick list of current health coaching schools and programs, and wellness coaching programs. Duke Integrative Health Coaching Program for Professionals – Phone:  (866) 313-0959 Institute for Integrative Nutrition – (866) 331-8438 Real Balance – Phone: (866) 568-4702 Wellcoaches – Phone: (866) 932-6224 Integrative Health at the California […] Read more

Intrinsic Coaching Certification

Intrinsic Coaching Certification Explained Intrinsic Coaching Certification is a health coaching certificate given to students who successfully finish the Intrinsic Coaching Program. Intrinsic coaching focuses on the assets or strengths of a person, rather than dwelling and trying to correct his mistakes and weaknesses. Studies show that an approach that […] Read more

Spencer Institute

The Spencer Institute for Health Coach Certifications The Spencer Institute offers numerous coaching options, including lessons on how to become a wellness coach, a corporate wellness coach, a life strategies coach, a lifestyle fitness coach, a personal fitness chef, a holistic life coach, and a mind and body fitness coach. […] Read more

Wellness Inventory

Wellness Inventory HCC Health Coach Certifications Directory   Wellness Inventory Wellness Inventory, at, has developed a whole-person approach based on the work of Dr. John Travis using 12 dimensions of physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. This organization is not wholly focused on providing certification for new health coach trainings, […] Read more

Spencer Institute

The Spencer Institute offers a wide range of coaching choices, including becoming a wellness coach, life strategies coach, corporate wellness coach, lifestyle fitness coach, personal fitness chef, mind body fitness coach, holistic life coach and more. Specifically, for wellnesses coach, Spencer Institute states that their certification takes approximation 20 hours […] Read more

Real Balance

This health coach certification program offers the following levels: Health and Wellness Coach Certification, their core 32-hour program Professional Health and Wellness Coach Certification, which is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved process The credentialing levels move from the ‘practiced coach’ to the ‘proven coach’ to the ‘master coach’ and […] Read more