Active Listening: An Important Health Coaching Skill

One of the key ingredients to successful health coaching of a client is to fully engage in active listening.  The entire focus should naturally be on the client (or patient) throughout the session. What is active listening? Active listening is focused listening and attention.  It is being present and fully […] Read more

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in Health and Wellness Coaching

One thing you’ll have to be very mindful of, as you enter a career in the Health and Wellness Coaching field, is the code of ethics, confidentiality and even possible conflicts of interest. Though health coaching is not the same as a therapy or traditional ‘private counseling’ session, it does […] Read more

Individual Health Plan Assessment: Example Questions

If you are beginning your personal health coaching business, you may be creating an assessment tool of your own. This will be crucial in developing a set of your client’s strengths and needs, and from that, you will begin their individual best health plan.  Additionally, the questions you choose (based […] Read more

Individual Health Plans: Creating the Best Health Plan with Your Client

What is an individual or personal health plan? Health and wellness coaches spend a lot of time working to develop a relationship with their clients.  They want to ensure that an atmosphere of trust and support is developed because partnership is essential to the success of personal health care plans. […] Read more