Seeking a health coaching job opportunity?

A new up and coming company, “Inspired Coaching Solutions” is now seeking interested job seekers.   Wouldn’t you love to get paid to coach, without having to do the all of the marketing?  What about adding on some additional clients to your current practice with no referral-seeking, no follow-up phone […] Read more

How to Be a Health Coach – Owning Your Own business

Perhaps the idea of becoming a health coach is appealing to you, but you’d like to take it one step further and open your own business.  If obtaining schooling as a health coach and then using that training to apply for a corporate or medical job is not something you […] Read more

Private Health Coach Salaries

If you decide to go into business for yourself and become a health coach, you may be wondering how to determine your rate.  There are many ways to approach this, and you will find what works for you. A fairly standard rate of pay is approximately $80 – 100 an […] Read more

How much do Certified Health and Wellness Coaches make?

Health and Wellness Coach salaries can vary considerably.  The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau statistics reported in 2010 that the salary for Wellness Coaches ranged from $23,443 – $61,928 a year. Much depends on the career path you take after having received your certification.  For a list of many current […] Read more

Health and Wellness Coaching Jobs

What kind of health coach jobs or wellness coaching jobs are available? Since the health coaching career is on a steep upward trend, the job opportunities are truly taking off.  Here are just a few possibilities for you to consider in your search: Independent Health Coaching: Personal one-on-one or group […] Read more