Is there a Health and Wellness Degree?

Do I need a degree to become a health and wellness coach?  

Many people who are health-oriented and begin to think of transforming their passion into a viable career wonder if they need a degree to become a health coach.  There is an increasing market for Health and Wellness Coaching, so you’ve come to the right place to get the most up to date information.

Whether or not you need a degree depends on what you would like to do as a coach and where you would like to work.

You can search here for health and wellness job descriptions.

If you would like to become a personal health and wellness coach, you can begin your own business after attending some type of Wellness Coaching Certification Program.  Some of these certification programs do however, require a degree before entering their program.

If you would like to work for a corporation, hospital or physician’s office, you must meet the specific requirements they deem in their job posting.  Oftentimes, these businesses prefer a Bachelor’s degree in a related field in addition to a health and wellness coaching certification.

Is there a specific university major or a degree program that is currently offered in the field of health and wellness?

At this time, no.  Presently, there are degree programs for related areas, such as nutrition, sports medicine, medical school, occupational therapy, nursing, public health and public policy management.

There is an increasing awareness that universities should offer quality programs to accommodate this growing field.  Additionally, there are works in progress by top universities to establish a universal standard and board certification among health and wellness programs.

Duke University is an example of a university that now offers a quality health and wellness program.  They provide a certificate within a 4-5 month training period, with subsequent professional development coursework as well.

Many other programs exist that provide a wide range of certification programs.  Depending on how you would like to proceed with your career, some schools will accommodate your preferences more than others.

Keep in mind that even with a health coach certification, pay scales for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, or even more so with a Master’s degree, increase considerably.

Look for future updates on this website for state specific lists of health and wellness programs including online coaching courses.


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    The University of Utah has an excellent Master’s degree program in Coaching Wellness. Students get experience with needs assessment as well as program planning, implementation and evaluation when structuring health and wellness programs for individual clients as well as large organizations.

  2. Thank you Traci! I wasn’t aware of this program and will definitely look into it further for possible inclusion on the site. Thanks again! Bridgett the Admin

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    MUIH – Maryland University of Integrative Health has a Masters program, Health and Wellness Coaching. The courses are offered on line, hybrid format and on campus. Certification program is also offered.

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    I am currently completing my Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness from Kaplan University. I am contemplating an ACE certification and trying to explore my options.

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