Health and Wellness Coaching Jobs

What kind of health coach jobs or wellness coaching jobs are available?

Since the health coaching career is on a steep upward trend, the job opportunities are truly taking off.  Here are just a few possibilities for you to consider in your search:

  • Independent Health Coaching: Personal one-on-one or group sessions

This type of job requires starting your own small business.  Your work would entail personally meeting with clients and establishing a partnership that will allow them to develop their health and lifestyle goals.  You can set your hours based on your client’s and your needs, and adjust your fees according to the level of assistance your client opts for.  This scenario helps to provide support and accountability for your client.  You may find running your own business by conducting private counseling sessions very rewarding.

  • Employee at a Large Corporation

There are a number of large corporate organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson, or even hospitals, that hire health and wellness coaches as a service to their employees.  This trend is on the rise.  Health coach jobs in this field offer opportunities to personally counsel individuals, as well as conduct presentations and seminars within the corporate framework.  Additional responsibilities may include maintaining as a point-of-contact for employee preventive health questions, distributing helpful health questionnaires and other materials, and documenting employee participation.

  • Physicians’ offices

Health and Wellness jobs are now becoming popular at doctors’ offices.  Many physician groups are seeking to add this new level of patient care to their facility.  In your role as a Health Coach, you would most likely act as a a liaison and patient advocate, develop patient outreach activities, conduct behavioral/motivational assessments and build an appropriate patient-centered plan for healing and health.  You would also work collaboratively with various organizational team members of the practice.   Salary information

  • Health Insurance Coaching Professional

The health care industry is beginning to recognize the value of wellness programs and initiatives.  In addition, there is a growing community-wide expectation that health insurance carriers will begin to cover visits with health and wellness coach professionals.  Health insurance companies are finding the benefit of lowered medical costs, when the use of wellness coaching is employed. With a coaching job in this field, you would maintain accessibility to insured clients, providing telephone or online support as needed.  Salary information

  • Employee on a Pharmaceutical Team

Pharmacies, such as Walgreen’s, are now listing health and wellness jobs, to add the services they can provide to their customers.  Walgreen’s, in particular, has launched a full-scale patient-based wellness care system that is working to alleviate chronic conditions.  As a health coach professional in this realm, you would work with the pharmacist, doctors and patients to facilitate a better patient understanding of their illness.  You would also work to motivate and direct the patient towards improved self-care and education.  Wellness Coach Salary information

  • Wellness Program Administrator

As more and more business begin to add Health and Wellness programs, roles such as this will be created.  As a Wellness Program Administrator, you would assist in the administration and of the company’s wellness programs, including assisting in the activities designed to enhance employee health.  These may include surveys, team activities and presentations.  

  • Wellness Program Manager

This role requires more responsibility, including designing, managing and implementing policies and procedures related to employee wellness and health within the framework of a corporate wellness program.  This type role will require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree as well as experience in the field of Health and Wellness.