Private Health Coach Salaries

If you decide to go into business for yourself and become a health coach, you may be wondering how to determine your rate.  There are many ways to approach this, and you will find what works for you.

A fairly standard rate of pay is approximately $80 – 100 an hour.  You may decide to make the first initial consultation free, and offer a set number of sessions in a package for a pro-rated priced for your client.  Or you may decide to do a lengthy and intensive first session with a client, and charge above your typical hourly rates for those sessions.

Another thing to consider with determining your pay scale as a health coach is your level of education and experience.  You know how much time you have put into earning your health coach certification, the tuition costs, the level of intensity of the program and so forth.  The higher your degree of effort, and the more reputable the program, the higher you may price your services.  Similarly, if you are new to the field and are trying to get your feet wet in the practice, you may begin your services at a discounted rate.  This is often helpful for students who have not yet completed their training.  It allows them to work with clients who are unable to pay a lot for services, while allowing the health coach to gain experience and confidence.

You should also take your location into consideration.  Survey your area to find out what similar job titles pay.  It’s unlikely you will find many other health coaches to compare your rate to, since this is a burgeoning field. But you are likely to find professions that are in a similar vein.

For instance, what do local personal trainers charge in your area?  What about acupuncturists?  Chiropractors? Nutritionists?  Yoga teachers?  Look at the health-related careers in your town, and get an idea of their rates. It can help you to determine what the market may be for your services.

The climate of a town affects your marketability as well, as you will find that demand for health coaching may be higher in cities that are more health-oriented.  Examples of this include Colorado Springs, where the community members tout a love of the outdoors and stay very active and fit.  They may place a higher value on health coaching than a town which is more rural.  Again, get to know your own community and find out what the demand might be for your services.

Network with other health professionals in your area.  You may find it helpful to charge less at the beginning in order to build your reputation in the community, and spread by word of mouth.

Lastly, you should consider the realm of your services and clientele.  Private health coaching services may include small group sessions.  While this can generate an overall higher income stream for you, the rate that the individuals pay is lower per person.  For example, you may charge $100 an hour for one on one session.  But a group session of 6 people may be $50 per person, yet yielding you a session profit of $300.

You may use your private health coaching skills in the corporate world, acting as a speaker, motivator or facilitator of a health program.  Businesses are beginning to hire health coaches on a consultative basis to come in for a short period of time and work one on one or in small groups with their employees.  A corporate rate may be higher, but do your research.  Many small businesses want to get in on the health coaching benefits for their employees but are not willing to pay thousands of dollars for your services.

Health coaching salaries can vary depending on the business model you employ.  As a private health coach owning your own business, you can dictate the terms under which you will work.  Of course, you have to find a balance that matches what the market will bear.  Small group sessions, workshops and classes are ways to add additional revenue to your income.  You don’t need to limit yourself to an hourly rate type of income.

With all of this in mind, how much you want to earn in a year is largely up to you, but partially controlled by your community factors.  The more you work, network, advertise, and create add-on features to your business, the greater the potential for income.  Health coach salaries are more standardized when being hired on by a business, physicians’ office or other facility.  But you have much greater freedom to determine your salary by going into business for yourself.

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