Health Coaching Programs

This is a list of current health coaching schools and programs, wellness coaching programs.

Duke Integrative Health Coaching Program for Professionals –

Phone:  (866) 313-0959

Institute for Integrative Nutrition –

(866) 331-8438

Real Balance –

Phone: (866) 568-4702

Wellcoaches –

Phone: (866) 932-6224

Integrative Health at the California Institute of Integral Studies –

Phone:(415) 575-6100

Instrinsic Solutions International (also known as Totally Coached)-

Phone: (480) 515-5220

Integrative Health Coaching at the University of Minnesota –

Phone: (612) 624-9459 

Maryland University Health Coaching –

Phone: (800) 735-2968

ACE Fitness –

Phone: (888) 825-3636

Catalyst Coaching Institute

Phone:(800) 495-1343

Life University –

Phone: (770) 426-2600

Food & Spirit Professional –

Phone: (360)731-7705

Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology –

Phone: (800) 735-2968





  1. M

    I have a MFT license in two states as well as a Doctor of Psychology degree. After years of being an adult and child therapist, I am now interested in helping people lose weight by mentoring and coaching them. I am a Paleo user in diet and exercise and am very healthy. Given that I already have tons of education, what is the shortest route to being certified?

  2. a

    Hi Michael, Thanks for your question. Given the value you have in your education thus far, my strongest suggestion would be for you to check out the Duke Program. It sounds like you would be a good fit there. They have a range of top professionals in their program, including surgeons, therapists, social workers and more. It is tremendously personalized, requires 3 different sessions of in-class participation stretched over 4 months. At the end of the 4 months, you are a Health Coach in every sense of the words. Duke has free teleconferencing sessions frequently for those who are curious about the program. The requirements for admission are more stringent than other places, but it sounds like you’ll have no trouble being accepted.

  3. R

    Hi thank you for the information. I was wonderimg what are the greatest programs to become a certified health coach via online? Thank you

  4. D

    Has anyone went through the Duke Health and Wellness program? If so, did you find it a good learning experience? What is the income potential for a Health and Wellness Coach?

  5. H

    Hi David, Hopefully some others will answer here too, but I went through the Duke program in early 2014 and highly recommend it. Absolutely top-notch. As for income potential, it depends on your goals. If you want to work for a company it can vary from 30k to 70k a year. If you go out on your own as a private coach, you could make considerably more, or considerably less. 🙂 Depends on how you approach it. Check out more articles on the blog on starting your own coaching business and how to make it work. You can learn more about me at Take care! Bridgett the Admin

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