How to be a Health Coach

This website is dedicated to helping you determine answers to that very question, “How to be a Health Coach.”  And truthfully, there are quite a few different answers to that.  Additionally, this article will pose some key questions you should ask yourself when choosing a schooling path for becoming a health coach.

Health coaching has become a kind of umbrella term for a variety of similar job titles. There is health coaching, wellness coaching, sometimes referred to as health and wellness coaching, then there is life coaching and even executive coaching.

There are coaches out there who literally do all of the above.  However, for the purposes of this website, we are focusing on how to be a health coach.

If you’d like to be a health coach, there are many different types of programs available to meet your particular needs.  You will find a listing of many of the schools from the main menu.  Many programs offer online courses and some are in-person.  Some schools offer a combination approach.

There is great disparity between programs, and currently, someone who 6 weeks of training hang their shingle as a health coach just the same as someone with 2 years of training.  With such a wide range of training, there is reportedly a licensure or certification process being established for a national level of education or training in order to be called a heath coach.

Which school you choose for now, depends greatly on your preferences.  Ask yourself the following questions:  Is it important to you to have an exclusively online training experience?  Or are you okay with some level of in-class time? What about travel? Would you be able and willing to travel to other cities if it meant the schooling was more in line with what you were seeking?

What about tuition?  How much can you afford right now? Is it crucial that you choose a program that allows for payment plans over time?  What is your focus? Are you interested in the integrative medicine model, or perhaps you already have a background in the health care field? Or are you more interested in the nutritional aspects of coaching?

You can see that the answers you provide to questions like this help to narrow down your search.  You can find a school that is ideal for your goals and your current situation.  If you want to become a health coach, browse the schools and programs listed on this website.  Choosing a training program is the most important step.  Once enrolled, your course will be set. In a few short months you could be in your new career role.

As a health coach, more doors are opening for you everyday.  Click here for a list of some job descriptions currently available. Or click here for information about building your own private health coaching small business.

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