Institute for Life Coach Training

Institute for Life Coach Training

As per their website, “We train therapists, professional coaches, school counselors, church leaders, business professionals, and EAP professionals in how to apply coaching.”

This is a coaching site that is foundationally based on life-coaching.  There are specialities offers in areas such as business coaching or wellness coaching.

Altogether, there are 80 course hours required for wellness coach certification, with the first 40 being foundational and the next 40 being specific to coach training electives.

Costs are about $4,400.  Courses are conducted in 3 hour per call, weekly teleconferences.


  • User-friendly website makes information and details easy to access
  • The electives look interesting and oriented towards starting a successful coaching business. Example: “Creating a Referral-Based Business”
  • Ability to take additional ‘stand-alone’ courses
  • No in-person, on-campus time required
  • The Wellness Certification program appears rigorous and academic


  • Tuition costs
  • Not discernible online if they offer a payment plan
  • No in-person interaction; however, you do receive weekly phone conferences

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