Intrinsic Coaching Certification

Intrinsic Coaching Certification Explained

Intrinsic Coaching Certification is a health coaching certificate given to students who successfully finish the Intrinsic Coaching Program. Intrinsic coaching focuses on the assets or strengths of a person, rather than dwelling and trying to correct his mistakes and weaknesses. Studies show that an approach that focuses on teaching and building strengths provides a better result compared to an approach that focuses on correcting the person’s mistakes.

There are two main levels in this Intrinsic Coaching Certification: Certified Intrinsic Coach (CIC) and Certified Valuation Specialist (CVS).

  • Certified Intrinsic Coach – This is achieved through progressive and sequential training events. This certification provides professional results and personal benefits to participants by going through the process of certification. This training costs $1,260 with payment plan choices of 3 months and 5. Through this certification, you will learn to think intentionally and be more aware of yourself, and help develop people better.
  • Certified Valuations Specialist – This certification is comprised of 100 hours of training and offers dual certification (CIC and CVS). This certification will allow you to make use of the Intrinsic Methodology outside of training and work with people’s varying patterns of thinking. You will learn the 28 measurements which highlight the reasoning behind the thinking at any given time- under stress, at rest or during problem solving.

By understanding how you arrive at something that makes sense to you using your own measurements, you will be able to help other people find out their own thinking pattern. By integrating the Intrinsic Methodology, you will be able to discuss their results and help them understand their thinking pattern.

This certification costs around $2,977 with available payment plans of 3, 6 and 9 months. Both training programs are done through teleconference and interactive webinar.

Getting these certifications is very convenient as they allow you the flexibility to take them via teleconference and interactive webinar. Furthermore, the costs are provided online and payment plans of 3, 5, 6 and 9 months are offered so it is not too heavy on your budget. You are also given options on how and when you would like to take your sessions. You also have the option to view the video of a session in case you missed a live one. The number of participants in each session is also limited to ensure proper transfer of knowledge and easier tracking.

Intrinsic Coaching Methodology is based on the I>E>S> hierarchy. I for Intrinsic (realm of people’s variability and uniqueness, E for Extrinsic (realm of practicalities, social and material world) and S for Systematic (realm of rules, ought to be and ideas). Understanding this hierarchy will result to better thinking by setting your priorities straight. This means maximizing your available resources and increasing your strategies for you to achieve a desirable result.

A lot of people have already benefited from Intrinsic Coaching. By helping people think properly, their personal lives, business relations and even how they perceive other people have totally changed. Understanding others in a way most people don’t results to a healthier and more effective communication.




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