Leah Kelly – Health Coach Spotlight!

This month, we are honored to have Leah Kelly as our Featured Health Coach. Here’s what she had to say about her health coaching school experience and what her experiences have been with getting started in this profession.

1. How did you first become interested in the idea of health coaching? 

I first got interested in the idea of health coaching from my mother. She always tried to cook us healthy foods and use alternative medicine, such as homeopathic remedies, when we were sick. She died of cancer four years ago while I was pregnant with our first child. My mission is to eliminate as much pain due to nutrition related health problems as I possibly can! Especially in the most innocent and dependent of humans…our children!

2. Did you leave a profession behind to pursue health coaching? Do you have previous degrees or certifications?

I started out as a Liberal Arts major with an emphasis in Biology. I wanted to go into research, particularly in a disease related field, but when I discovered a degree for health coaching I changed my degree (I had one year left of my Liberal Arts Degree) and haven’t looked back! I am a stay at home mother, and I wanted to build my career around my children if possible, and health coaching will allow me to do just that. I can practice my health coaching when it is convenient for our family and my clients!

3. Which school did you attend, and why did you select that program?

I attended Kaplan University and received my Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. I chose that program because its emphasis was on holistic healing and alternative therapies, which I intend on incorporating into my coaching.

4. What is your opinion of the program, length of study, etc.?  Did it fit your needs?  Why or why not?

I very much enjoyed the Health and Wellness program at Kaplan! I went to school online, which gave me more freedom to spend time with our newborn son. It is a four year program, but it took me a little longer due to my changing degree plans. However, most of my credits transferred well so the difference was a mere few months.

5. Do you have other thoughts about the school you chose that you’d like to share?

The teachers at Kaplan were always ready and willing to help, even if I had questions that had nothing to do with the class they were teaching.

6. Have you chosen an area of specialty or a target market?  If not, what areas have you worked in thus far?

My area of specialty is pre-pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition counseling. Someday I hope to expand my services to include nursing mothers as well.

7.  Are you self-employed having started your own coaching business or have you chosen to work for an established organization or company?

I am self-employed.

8. Is health coaching all that you thought it could be? Why or why not?

I cannot imagine being in any other career field! The rewards of helping others achieve overall wellness is immeasurable! Especially when those people are going through such a critical time in their lives such as pregnancy and those going through their first months of growth!

9. Any final thoughts you’d like to share about choosing this career path?

I have had such incredible support throughout my whole life from those I love! It is time for me to give back what I can! Pregnancy is such a crucial period in the life of both mother and child. My personal mission is to help them through it so that mothers can be as comfortable as possible, and so that their babies can have the best start in life that they can give them!

HCC Spotlight Leah Kaplan Graduate and Health Coach:

Leah Kelly

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