Spencer Institute

The Spencer Institute for Health Coach Certifications

The Spencer Institute offers numerous coaching options, including lessons on how to become a wellness coach, a corporate wellness coach, a life strategies coach, a lifestyle fitness coach, a personal fitness chef, a holistic life coach, and a mind and body fitness coach.

According to the Spencer Institute, the certification they provide only takes about twenty hours to be completed. Once you enroll in the course, you have to take the test within a year. The certification is valid for a couple of years, with continuing education credits for future renewals.

There are a variety of certifications you can choose from. Also, support is available whether you want to start your career or take it to the next level. The Spencer Institute is also partners with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).

For$179, you can enroll in the Spencer Institute. You can take advantage of the very quick programs that include wellness coaching and holistic coaching that last for one to two weeks.

However, because these programs are quite short, you may not be able to have a deeper understanding of the topics. You may also feel the need to add extra training programs later on, as well as layer various coaching programs.

When you enroll in the holistic life coaching course, you will learn about  coaching definitions, nurturing spirituality, the history of the holistic coaching movement, coaching codes of ethics, coaching suggestions, reflexology touch, meditation, and the art of movement.

In addition, you will learn why clients are in search of alternative health solutions, how to balance the mind, spirit, and body, the benefits of coaching, naturopathy, physical dimensions, ayuverdic principles, osteopathic approaches, and herbs for preventative health and cleansing.

You will also learn how to understand clients in order to teach them better. Moreover, you will be taught summaries regarding the Holistic Coaching Movement as well as how to apply coaching in business.

The Spencer Institute is the only one that offers online mind and body fitness training. Its programs focus on holistic mind and body training, practices such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation, business options and science.

Its coaching program offers a wide perspective on both ancient and recent mind and body strategies and applications. Through their Mind-Body Fitness Coach certification, you will know how to share the great gifts of a healthy body, spirit, and mind with clients.

Thus, you will be able to increase your value as a fitness professional. You will also be able to have career satisfaction. The Spencer Institute combines the latest disciplines and techniques for mind and body practices.

You will be taught how to increase enjoyment while reducing stress. You will be given comprehensive online courses that include coaching concepts, health strategies, holistic concepts, motivational strategies, and business strategies among others.


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