Start your own Coaching Business

Here is where you’ll find a kind of ‘new business checklist’ on how to start your own health coaching business. While information is continually being added and updated, here is a list of items to be provided:

If a link above is currently missing, please check back in a few days.  Information is being added continually.  Thanks for your patience!!

As a new professional in the health coaching world, you’ll have a lot of tasks to tackle.  One of them is getting a website up and running to support and promote your business.

Essential Website Building Resources

But, building your own website is much easier than you may think.  With a FREE wordpress platform, a nominal domain fee of around $10, and an annual hosting fee of around $60-80, you can begin to create your own web presence, without the expense of a professional web developer.

If you find that as your business is thriving, you would like to upgrade your self-created site, you can always hire a professional web designer later on.  The expense would be less, because you already have the design and content up and running.  Here are some essential resources you will absolutely need to consider to add to your website.  Take it step by step!

Bluehost: This is a very reputable service where you can buy your domain and web hosting as well.  Bluehost has great customer service available by phone, email or online chat, that can help you set up your domain name, your professional email account and any other technical question you can come up with.

Aweber:  This service enables small business owners to easily set up newsletters and manage subscribers.  It has a high reputability factor and is in fact, used on this website   There is typically a free or $1 trial period for this service, so you can try it out and see how you like it.

Another one to try out is  They also offer a free trial, so see which one appeals to you.

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