Health Coach (Business) in a Box

There’s a new website aimed at helping new health coaching professionals start their business.  It’s just getting started, but it’s going to be a real-life account of what it’s like starting out as a health coach.  It may even be useful for life coaching as well. Check it often as […] Read more

How to Be a Health Coach – Owning Your Own business

Perhaps the idea of becoming a health coach is appealing to you, but you’d like to take it one step further and open your own business.  If obtaining schooling as a health coach and then using that training to apply for a corporate or medical job is not something you […] Read more

How to be a Health Coach

This website is dedicated to helping you determine answers to that very question, “How to be a Health Coach.”  And truthfully, there are quite a few different answers to that.  Additionally, this article will pose some key questions you should ask yourself when choosing a schooling path for becoming a […] Read more