The #1 Way to Add Revenue as a Health Coach

The BEST way to add revenue to your coaching business is to change your mindset and STOP trading your time for money.

In the traditional set-up of coaching, you are paid either an hourly wage per session, or a salary from a company.  Or perhaps you have added a program to your coaching business, where a person buys a Coaching Package for a fee. This is likely still time for money.

In the traditional model, you accept a fee from a client in exchange for your time and attention.

While this is a fantastic and personalized approach to coaching, you should also begin to seriously consider adding a new level of income through what is often called, ‘passive’ revenue.

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you have a traditional coaching philosophy, format or structure that you are familiar with.  You simply take these ideas and make them into a written, audio or video format.  This is now available for sale 24 hours a day.

When clients purchase this package you now offer, you are receiving income even though you are not working one on one with this client.  JigSawBox is a program designed to help you do just that!!

Let me explain the benefits!

1) You can now reach more clients because you are not limited to help a certain number of clients based on a work week.

2) You can now begin thinking outside of the traditional 40 hours + workweek, so you are now leveraging your time.

3)  This helps prevent your own burnout and exhaustion while still running a thriving business, serving many more people.

4) JigSawBox was designed especially for COACHES and makes it super easy to set up.

What I love about JigSawBox is that is takes the technical guesswork OUT of the equation.  Simple to follow directions help you to get it up and running (depending on the amount of effort you put in initially) within a matter of DAYS or WEEKS.

You can even choose if you want it to be completely automated (you have no contact with client), partially automated (you can communicate with clients through questionnaires you create or email check-ins). You can even add it to your current one on one coaching work with clients to enhance their experience.

Check it out today and see why adding an online program to create passive income is the #1 Way to Add Revenue as a Health Coach!  Stop the burnout – work smarter, not harder!

You can even get a FREE 30-Day Trial!!


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