How much do Certified Health and Wellness Coaches make?

Health and Wellness Coach salaries can vary considerably.  The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau statistics reported in 2010 that the salary for Wellness Coaches ranged from $23,443 – $61,928 a year. Much depends on the career path you take after having received your certification.  For a list of many current job descriptions in the field of Wellness Coaching, see this post.

With such wide-ranging opportunities available, from owning your own business, to working for a corporate wellness program, the salary potential is quite variable. suggests that the average salary is around $72,000 a year.  However, many job posts in this field neglect to add a salary proposal in their career advertisements.  Additionally, the greater your years of education and experience, the higher your pay scale as an employee.

As a small business owner, many factors that affect your salary are controlled by the parameters you set.

  • Do you want to work from home or meet your client in a neutral establishment?  If so, you eliminate office space costs.
  • Do you want to work part-time, having only a few clients a week, or do you want to work 70 hours+, with as much business as you can reasonably meet?
  • Do you want to offer additional services to boost your income, such as e-courses or printed materials?
  • Will you spend time and money to advertise your services to generate business?

These questions are just some of the considerations to make when owning your own Health and Wellness Coaching business, and they determine your overall salary.  Given this wide-ranging platform of options, the monthly salary could be anywhere from $200 – $300 a month to potentially $1,000’s+ of dollars a month.  Personal wellness coaches typically charge between $100 – $150 an hour.  Some offer packages of multiple sessions at a lower per hour rate.

Keep in mind that when you own your own small business, many expenses are tax deductible, giving you a considerable advantage in terms of yearly earnings.

If you choose to become an employee in the Health and Wellness field, you may find that as with any job, the greater the role and responsibility, the higher the pay.  For instance, if you work for an organization as an Employee Health and Wellness Administrator (around $50,000 annually), your job will involve less demands than if you were a Wellness Program Manager (around $75,000 annually).

Health and Wellness Coordinators typically make around $50,000 a year.  Consultants make around $44,000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a growing career trend in Health and Wellness coaching.  They also predict that approximately half of all employers will have some type of Corporate Wellness program in place for their employees in the near future.  With predictions such as these, a career in Health and Wellness looks to have a promising future.


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