Trends in Health and Wellness Career Salaries

Looking for a career in the health and wellness sector? Your future is bright. A growing trend towards better health is making qualified professionals in this area highly sought after, a fact that is reflected in growing health and wellness career salaries.

America is Growing Healthier

Organizations are beginning to realize that investing in their employees’ health is great business. Between rising healthcare costs, the effects of national healthcare laws, and concerns about the impact of health on productivity, more businesses than ever are interested in implementing wellness programs. To do so, they need qualified health coaches with the skills and training to create engaging and effective health and wellness programs.

This greater emphasis on health allows health coaches to find employment in a variety of settings. Not only are more jobs available in white collar businesses, coaches can also find work in blue-collar manufacturing facilities, community agencies, healthcare systems, and insurance companies. Updated healthcare regulations are also putting more emphasis on employee health beyond corporations, so today’s health coaches can also find opportunities on college campuses and through property management companies.

Health and wellness education is one of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs out there right now. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth trajectory of over 21% by 2022: much faster than the average growth among other industries.

Health and Wellness Career Salaries

Health and Wellness Career Salaries

Health and wellness career salaries vary based on job title, location, and level of education. Individuals with qualification are likely to receive a higher salary than those without. In 2013, the median salary for worksite wellness and affiliated health management personnel was $55,000.

Certain positions yield higher salaries. Some examples include:

  • Corporate Wellness Administrator: Plans and executes wellness programs that promote better employee health and wellbeing. Salary range: $48,286 – $64,689. Median salary: $55,636.
  • Wellness Program Manager: Designs and implements policies for a company’s wellness program. Salary range: $57,493 – $104,978. Median salary: $79,097.
  • Health Educator: Designs and implements programs that focus on educating on health related topics to increase health in a business or community. Salary range: $43,971 – $71,764. Median salary: $58,051.
  • Community Health Director: Develops plans for programs to help prevent disease and promote health on the community level. Salary range: $79,350 – $170,824. Median salary: $120,406.

Knowledge and Skills

Higher health and wellness career salaries are easier to obtain when you have experience, knowledge, and skills. Obtaining health coach certification is a great place to start. Health and wellness coaching is a rapidly growing field with fantastic earning potential. With the right training and skills, you can take advantage of all the benefits this profession has to offer.

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