Wellcoaches Certifications

This health and wellness coaching certification program involves two levels of training and is accessed both online and via phone.  There are core and professional levels of training.

The “Core Health Coach Training Program for Heath and Wellness Coaches” is an 18 week-long enrollment.  Each class is 90 minute and held via the telephone, referred to as a bridge-line.  At the completion of all assignments, you may apply to be certified.  There is a certification fee as well as a written and oral exam.

For further professional development, Wellcoaches Certifications all offers the “Professional Health and Wellness Coach” program, which is 10 months in duration.  The program requires 100 hours of program participation to complete the mastery level.

Is Wellcoaches Certifications the right program for you?


  • No travel necessary
  • Partnership with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Two levels of certification offered
  • Continuing Education offered via webinars, dvd’s, workshops and more
  • Continuing Education Units/Credits (CEU’s) are available for use with a number of professional organizations


  • May not be as well-known
  • No in-person instruction
  • Tuition costs and other fees are unlisted online
  • No apparent tie-in with academia




  1. A

    Hi, love your site! Does well coaches offer any wellness/nutrition education or only how to be a great coach. Just curious.

  2. a

    Thanks Ashley! It’s a work in progress because there are lots of training programs I’m learning about all the time. As for WellCoaches, it seems it is aimed mostly at supporting coaches to earn a certification. However, there are links for continuing education classes and workshops. I could not find any information on nutrition education though.

    Check back soon and hopefully there will be new information added that will be helpful to you!

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