What is the difference between a health coach and a life coach?

A Life Coach And A Health Coach: Which Is Which?


There is that one moment in a person’s life when he comes to a turn and thinks to himself, “I want change”; be it about money, relationship, or personal matters, everyone can commit to change. The good thing is that no one needs to go through the process alone, hence the existence of coaches. They do not only live to help one attain his goals, but also to accompany the person until the fulfillment his goals.

There are a lot of concerns and factors in an individual’s life.  With the help of a health coach, a person can get and stay fit in no time.

There are things to consider upon hiring a health coach though. The objectives of the person must be in line or parallel to the work of a health coach. Some might confuse a health coach for a life coach, but there is a distinct difference.

A health coach is someone who guides a person with regard to a balanced and proper diet and exercise. Although exemption from various diseases is something that cannot be assured by a health coach, they are also expected to give seminars and information about health and diseases. They also advice the person of what to avoid and to remember regarding things that may put one’s health at risk (i.e. foods that will/may invoke hyper tension, high blood sugar, and more).

Although a health coach may also cater to more than a single person, he must know the lifestyle and habits of the person involved in the program, in order to know what strategies and considerations will most likely work. In order to establish and maintain this level of relationship, a constant and open communication is expected between the person/s and the health coach. Also, this is to monitor progress.

A health coach may work as a personal trainer or a coach for a whole family or a group. He also coordinates with the individual or group regarding their medications and medical appointments/check-ups, to remind and ensure their appearance during such dates.

The main concerns of a health coach are the individual’s or group’s health-related objectives and functionality in daily life. Although they lead people to maximize their potential by helping them have the strength and health to battle day to day agenda, their main responsibility is health. This excludes matters of career, money, spirituality, and more.

These are the areas where a life coach can work his magic. They help a person manage his life, first by helping the person realize, decide, and determine life objectives. A life coach also guides a person, through a program, to reach these goals. Through activities and advice, a life coach aims to motivate and challenge the individual. Through this journey with the coach, some disciplines and values are also instilled within the person. Basically, they bring about change to a person’s thinking and habits.

Deciding between getting a life or a health coach may be determined by a person’s main interest. If an individual’s main concern is to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle, the latter kind of coaching would be the best choice. However, given that a person aims for success, in terms of work, family, and personal matters, a life coach would be a more suitable choice.

Whether a person chooses to have a life coach or a health coach, one must remember that his wellness and happiness must always be of consideration. It should not only revolve by the things that matter now, but also of what a person wants to achieve in the future.

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