Why You Need a Target Market as a Coach

If you have made the decision to make health coaching your career, you’re likely a person who likes to help others. If you could have your way, you’d help everyone meet their goals. While this is an admirable attitude, it’s one that leaves many coaches struggling with their business. You can’t succeed if you’re trying to be all things to everyone. To be most effective, you need to find a target market.

What is a Target Market?

Generally speaking, a target market is a group of customers or clients at which you are aiming your products or services. They’re the people who are most likely to hire you, and they’re the ones most likely to get the most benefit out of what you provide.

Target markets can be broken down in a nearly infinite number of ways. You can break down markets by age, by gender, by socioeconomic status, by location, by family shape and size, by tastes in music or movies, or even further. The more specific a target market is, the more focused your marketing can be.


Why Bother with a Target Market

Understanding your target market allows you to reach the people you want to reach more effectively, instead of sending out marketing messages at random. This allows you to draw in the types of clients you’d like to work with. Not only is this better for business, it helps you connect with the people who are most in need of what you can provide. You’ll experience the joy of seeing your clients achieve their goals, because you’re working with people who you are best suited to helping.

When you’re just starting out as a coach, the idea of finding your target market or “niche” can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to have your market figured out the second you go into business. Instead, take some time to really think about your skills, your interests, and what you can provide. Use this time to gain a deep understanding of what you bring to the table. Do you have a background in nutrition, or experience working with large businesses? Use this information to narrow your target. This process is an effective way to determine if there are any areas in your business where additional training or certification may be helpful.

Finally, choosing a target market allows you to get to know your clients better. Ask yourself “who do I help?” Is it college students? Work at home moms? People with special dietary needs or allergies? Baby boomers working on staying in shape? What are your clients’ biggest needs, where do they live, and why should they come to you? The more you know about your market, the more you’ll be able to meet their needs.

You don’t need to spend tons of money on marketing to establish yourself as a wellness coach. Once you have the skills and training, finding your target market and speaking to their needs will help you build your client list and reach your goals.

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