Coaching Organizations

Here you’ll find detailed information about Health Coaching organizations around the world.

Some of the organizations (such as IFC, the International Coach Federation) are aimed at credentialing standards, while others are more member-based towards a specific area of health (such as with sports medicine, for example).


International Coaching Federation

This organization lends credentials to health and wellness coaches through participation in their membership-based program. ICF is international and is the only current means of accreditation for health coaching.  There is no national or state standard just yet.

ICF is a non-profit organization formed in 1995 by members who are coaches in a variety of areas (life, health, wellness, business….)  They are a leading international coaching organization and are dedicated to advancing the coaching profession.

This agency sets high professional standards, provides independent certification and helps build a network of credentialed coaches.  Membership is currently at about 22,000 world-wide.

IFC Credentialing Levels:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
The ACC is for the practiced coach with at least 100 hours of client coaching experience. 

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
The PCC is for the proven coach with at least 750 hours of client coaching experience. 

Master Certified Coach (MCC)
The MCC is for the expert coach with at least 2,500 hours of client coaching experience. 

Processing time for approval of certifications is from 8-20 weeks.


National Consortium for Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaches

This consortium, the NCCHWC, began in 2009 and is working towards establishing a new framework for health coaching.  Though this organization does not provide credentialing or licensing of any type for health and wellness coaching, it does lead a movement towards establishing a commonality in practice.

Their vision is to transform the health care system into an integrative, whole-person approach model and to develop new standards for the health coaching career.  This may include standards such as licensing perhaps by state, or even the regulatory requirements for health coaching to be covered through health insurance.

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