National Consortium for Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaches

This consortium, the NCCHWC, began in 2009 and is working towards establishing a new framework for health coaching.  Though this organization does not provide credentialing or licensing of any type for health and wellness coaching, it does lead a movement towards establishing a commonality in practice.

Their vision is to transform the health care system into an integrative, whole-person approach model and to develop new standards for the health coaching career.  This may include standards such as licensing perhaps by state, or even the regulatory requirements for health coaching to be covered through health insurance.

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  1. I have developed an Integrative Health Coach Training Program and would like to know how to get it certified or accredited?
    Thanks so much.

  2. K

    I am attending the PCMH and PHM Summit in Philly and just heard a speaker taking about a paper your organization is about to release (credentials and training required for professional coaches). Please send me a copy once ready for distribution.
    Katherine H. Capps
    Health2 Resources
    8230 Old Courthouse Road
    Suite 105
    Vienna, VA 22182

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