Seeking a health coaching job opportunity?

A new up and coming company, “Inspired Coaching Solutions” is now seeking interested job seekers.  

Wouldn’t you love to get paid to coach, without having to do the all of the marketing?  What about adding on some additional clients to your current practice with no referral-seeking, no follow-up phone calls, no hassle?  You can get paid to just coach!! Exactly what you wanted to do!

The details:

  • This is an international company matching coaches and clients all over the world
  • Health Coaches work as contractors and receive a percentage-based or flat-fee for coaching sessions
  • You, as a health coach, will have to do zero leg work to find new clients. The company is responsible for all marketing and client-seeking
  • Your clients are flexible on session times, and coaching will be conducted via phone or  Skype
  • General pay rates will be in the range of $30 – $60 per hour
  • This is a consultant/contractor-based employment only (Meaning, you may receive 1 client or 10 depending on the growth projection of the company and the demand for your niche and expertise)
  • There are no disadvantages or risk to you to become a part of this team. There are no fees involved.  This is a job for hire.
  • Currently, Inspired Coaching Solutions is creating a database of interested health coaches who will later be contacted to discuss employment opportunities

This company is set to explode, with the current health coaching trend, which means more clients for you!  In addition, as health coaching certifications begin to receive licensure standards, there will be more pressure on health insurance companies to cover health coaching services, similar to that of a doctor, therapist or chiropractor.  This health insurance coverage is a reality only a few years out, as highly reputable universities are currently conducting research showing the tremendous health benefits of coaching, and have formed a coalition that reaches government level.

By sending your intent of interest now, you are, however, in no way entering into a commitment.   Your name will be added to our growing database, and you will be contacted at a later date to discuss your qualifications, your target market, your particular skill set and experiences.

Send your information via the contact form here.

Alternatively, you may email your interest to

Good luck in being selected!


  1. M

    I will be finishing up my Health Coach training in a few months. My website will be up and running in a few weeks and I am very interested in learning more about your company.

  2. P

    Hello, so great to find this website. I am a Certified Health Coach and received my certification three years ago. I have had great clients but would love to take on more! I would love to work with a company with like-minded people like myself from my home. To be able to help others all over the world would be wonderful! I also volunteer my time at my local hospital in the Cancer Treatment Center. I am a firm believer in giving back and helping those create the right path to a healthy and happy life. Would love to receive more information. Thank you!

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